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sexophone mix 27 december 2011
  • Feel The Force (Instrumental Mix) by G-Force Feat. Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee
  • High Noon (Remix) by Two Sisters
  • Cool As Ice by 52nd Street
  • The Voice Of "Q" by Q
  • Do You Like The Way That It Feels by Tempest Trio
  • Anytime Or Place by Azoto
  • Takin' it Straight by Cori Josias
  • Mystery Man by Claus V
  • 24 Hours From Culture by Twice Of Love
  • Midnight Sun by Mezzoforte
  • I Love You Dancer by Voyage
  • My Darling by Rainbow Team
  • Straight Ahead by Nick Straker Band
sexophone mix 15 november 2011
  • Keep In Touch by Freeez
  • Stylish by Trevor Bastow
  • Mi Sabrina Tequana (My Sister's Daughter) by Ingram
  • Blue Steel by Rinder & Lewis
  • Alternative II by Atmosfear
  • Funkanova by Wood, Brass & Steel
  • Number One by Patrice Rushen
  • Journey by Powerline
  • Dear Limmertz by Azymuth
  • The Fashion Show by Grace Jones
  • Fly By Night by Paul Hardcastle
  • Turn It Around by Gino Soccio
  • Spy of Baghdad by Freeez
sexophone mix 7 october 2011
  • Tambourine by John Tropea
  • Funky Bass by Arpadys
  • I Wanna Make Music With You by Le Pamplemousse
  • Fifty Four by Sea Level
  • Walkman by Kasso
  • Starlight by Tempest Trio
  • Locomotive Breath (Special Cat Version) by Cat Gang
  • Take A Chance by Queen Samantha
  • Don't Go Lose It Baby (Stretch Mix) by Hugh Masekela
  • Zulu (Special Extended Instrumental Mix) by The Quick
  • Kechak Fantasy by Voyage
  • Cold Coke by Disco & Co
sexophone mix 29 september 2011
  • Adventures In Success by Will Powers
  • Was Dog A Doughnut by Cat Stevens
  • Chief Inspector by Wally Badarou
  • Disco-Tech (Three Piece Suite Mix) by KATO
  • The Key ~ The Key (Dub) by Wuf Ticket
  • Rock This House (Dub Mix) by Hotline
  • Beat The Street (Special Dub-Vocal Edit) by Sharon Redd
  • Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub Version) by Willie Colon
  • Kasso by Kasso
  • Journey Into Love (Disco Mix 1) by Kebekelektrik
  • Pascal's Jam by Pascal's Bongo Massive
sexophone mix 8 august 2011
  • Man Of Mystery by Dub Syndicate & Dr.Pablo
  • Sea-Side Specail by Jah Wobble
  • Fever Pitch by African Head Charge
  • The Truth Lies Threin by Suns Of Arqa
  • Black Eye Boy by Renegade Soundwave
  • Circular Motion by Forehead Bros
  • Hard Times by Pablo Gad
  • Catch My Drift by A.R. Kane
  • Looks Like We're Shy One Horse/Shoot Out by Colourbox
  • Justice Tonight/Kick It Over by The Clash
  • Guns, Bombs, Handgrenades by R.A.P.P.
  • You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) by Dawn Penn
sexophone mix 26 july 2011
  • Animal Rhapsody (Version) by The Raincoats
  • The Fox (MacSilva Mix) by A Certain Ratio
  • Nuclear War (Version 2) by Yo La Tengo
  • Button Up by The Bloods
  • Dig We Must by Liquid Liquid
  • Das Ah Riot by Bush Tetras
  • Our Lips Are Sealed (Special Remix Version) by Fun Boy Three
  • It's The Way You Do It (Velvet Spike Mix) by Laid Back
  • Reduction by Material
  • The Magnificent Dance by The Clash
  • Wiggling by Pigbag
  • Last Words by 23 Skidoo
  • Wonderful Offer by Lora Logic
  • Searching For A Feeling by Maximum Joy
  • Iron Bar Dub by Linton Kwesi Johnson
sexophone mix 28 april 2011
  • Nice Mover by Gina X Performance
  • Dream Machine by Disco Dream And The Androids
  • Breakdance (Instrumental) by Irene Cara
  • Free-Force Structure by Under For
  • Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi 〜 Opium by DAF
  • Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) by Section 25
  • Pulstar by Hipnosis
  • Higher (Extended Version) by Vivien Vee
  • Back Track (Instrumental Version) by Cerrone
  • Chase by Giorgio Moroder
  • The End by Change
  • Another Life by Kano
sexophone mix 18 march 2011
  • Twilight Clone by Herbie Hancock
  • Land Of Hunger by The Earons
  • Stranger In A Strange Land by N.O.I.A
  • Wheels Over Indian Trails (Dub) by Stanton Miranda
  • Call Me Mr. Telephone by Cheyne
  • Don't Stop by K.I.D
  • Hopscotch (Instrumental) by Gwen Guthrie
  • Capricorn by Capricorn
  • Penguins' Invasion by Scotch
  • Dirty Talk by Klein & MBO
  • Plastic Doll (Instrumental) by Dharma


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